Esources.Co.Uk Scam-No Truth To These Tall Stories

You must have come across scam reports on the web if you are into online selling. However, established traders will tell you that there is nothing remotely scam-like about esources. They are, in fact, the largest trade directory service in the UK and are used by thousands of trade buyers and suppliers every day to transact their e-commerce business.

The tag of scam that is attributed to them is completely misleading and totally wrong. As the most popular and reliable online trade directory services in the UK, they aim to fulfill the growing need of the online trading community for reliable and readily accessible information on genuine wholesalers, dropshippers and manufacturers. They also provide authentic information about the latest offers available for buyers on quality products.

  • Convenient Subscription Options

Buyers can register for free on esources and browse through their verified wholesalers and dropshippers list. They can upgrade to premium buyer membership using one of the many convenient subscriptions available. This gives you unlimited and unrestricted access to the entire database of suppliers and a host of other exclusive benefits.

Premium buyers have access to the full contact details of thousands of wholesalers and dropshippers. They can have details of all the products listed on the product directory and forward their product requests to thousands of relevant suppliers in no time using the advanced software available on the site. The enquiries are posted automatically to all suppliers stocking your niche product, saving you the trouble of having to search and post requests to individual suppliers. Such features would not be possible if it were an scam site, as some people want you to believe.

The registration process is simple and quick. You can contact suppliers faster and receive quotes from established suppliers through a hassle-free process. Monthly subscriptions are available for trade buyers at just £25. More serious buyers can choose the annual or six-month subscription at easily affordable rates. Those who are out to tarnish the image of this reliable online trade directory service by calling them scams are perhaps unaware that the site attracts registrations from thousands of buyers and suppliers every month.

  • Unique Matching Service

Registered buyers can benefit from another unique feature called matching service from esources. If you are unable to find a product in the product directory, the enquiry is forwarded to other suppliers who will work with their contacts to find alternative suppliers for that particular product. No other online directory services will take such trouble to satisfy the requirements of their customers. And, if the news about an scam were true, then there is no way they would attract the attention of suppliers and buyers in such large numbers.

Esources aims to create a huge trading community in the UK and internationally, which can help buyers and sellers conduct their e-commerce business in a hassle-free and, more importantly, on a safe platform away from middlemen and scammers.